Friday, November 04, 2011

Reflections of Greatness

 Today we talked about reflections in paintings; how to ensure the reflected image reads as reflection.  My students set up wonderful still life arrangements  on and in front of mirrors.  Very challenging.. some great successes.  We looked at several painting images.
This detail from Rubens, to the left, was a great example of the center of interest found IN the reflection. 

 Below is Frank Benson's "Rainy Day".  In this painting, the reflection is a  design element which enhances the sense of space and piques my                                              curiousity, as well as carrying my eye
                                                        through the painting.
               The painting at left is a Stanhope Forbes. I love the use of the two, very different, mirrors, especially the rounded mirror in the foreground.

We had a great day. My students dug in, as usual.

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