Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Dolly and Pretty Boy 8 x 6 oil

$125 plus $10 s&h

I surprised my painting class with a pair of live Solomon Island Eclectus parrots, and their owners, this week.  Dolly and Pretty Boy were great models, perched on the back of a chair - they looked around, made a few interesting sounds, and sat under the spot light provided.  I think our cavernous classroom was a bit cooler than they prefer, so they huddled, and puffed themselves up.  After an hour, they took a 15-minute lunch break while my students strolled about and looked at the other easels.  Then Dolly and Pretty Box got "back to work" for another hour; leaving us time for a critique at the end of the class.  Each interpretation of the two lovely birds was fascinating.

Hoping Dolly and Pretty Boy can visit again soon.


  1. Great an original idea for a painting class! Love the close up view here.

  2. The colors are wonderful Jody, but I love the juicy texture you accomplished!

  3. Wow! Do they know what a privilege is was to model for your class?
    Great painting of them.

  4. I don't think the parrots cared, but I know what a privilege it is to work with my class.
    Thanks, all.

  5. Hmmmm....nice work but they seem more like Bert and Ernie. :)