Sunday, November 20, 2011

High School Debate sketches 9 x 12 pen & ink

 I spent most of yesterday with our high school debate team.  It's wonderful to see hundreds of exuberant teens being teens for the day; wearing business attire, and competing intellectually.  Lots of research, writing, and thinking on their feet.  This month's topic:

"Direct popular vote should replace electoral vote in presidential elections."

Of course,  the 2000 election and subsequent recount in Florida were a big part of the arguments.  Loved hearing the kids argue about this event which dominated our news coverage yet the oldest of these students was in 2nd grade. 
Teams prepare both pro and con positions and speeches; and it is determined via coin toss during each round which side they will argue.    

Here are some continuous line contour drawings  I made when our team was brand new and we observed some debate rounds. Captive audience, and thirty-three minutes to draw!  

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  1. Jody, these drawings are delightful and for you personally, much more of a keepsake than any photograph of a step in your daughter's journey. I remember sitting and listening to our debate team and how impressed I was with the level of skill exhibited that comes from intense preparation (and a touch of talent). You captured their attention to the event, and their youth in your lovely drawings...keep that sketchbook handy!