Sunday, May 19, 2019

Day 593 "Table Top" and impromptu drawing lessons

 Last night we went to a family party celebration for my niece who graduated college last week.  We saw family on both sides, and some one was asking about my daily drawings.  I had my small sketchbook with me and some blank coasters, and was explaining the coaster art I have been doing. Soon, I had a 7th, a 5th and a 4th grader looking at my work and fascinated... right in my wheelhouse.  Turns out I had four blank coasters with me so we all did drawings on the coasters.  Children are so interesting, straightforward, and we had a comfortable place for them to take a risk.  We talked about building space and perspective and I threw a lot of well-deserved praise.  It was great! Here are some photos of theirs and my work.  This is my five hundred ninety third daily drawing.  As always, thank you for looking.  0


  1. So clever. Looks like you all had fun.

    1. Thanks, Jo. It was so much fun; nice to be with family and extended family, and so nice to connect with the children.