Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Day 145 "Charlie's Flowers" 4 x 8 ink and watercolor pencil

Each Sunday, a wonderful gentleman brings bunches of flowers to our church, there for the taking, and we are all encouraged to bring some home.  There is always a variety.  I bring them home sometimes, the fresh cut flowers are a nice counterpoint to the gray of winter here in New England.  Yesterday we brought home a bunch of beautiful, deep magenta asters. I chose to draw the without their color, loving the interesting petal shapes and the negative space they create, which I painted in the complements of the magenta.  Can you imagine the magenta in the white space?   Remember, as a kid, doing that exercise where you stared without blinking at a brightly colored image for a minute without blinking.  Then, you shifted your gaze to a white surface and the color's complements show.  I tried with this drawing from the computer screen and it didn't work... will try with the original drawing and see if I can get the illusion to work.  
This is my hundred forty-fifth daily drawing. Thank you for looking.


  1. Great drawing. I love the contrast of the "white" and then the blue.

  2. Thanks, Susi. I used complementary colors in the background to the actual colors of the flowers.