Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Day 140 "Afternoon" mixed 8 x 6

I love my vacation.  I'm seeing friends, getting a lot of things taken care of around the house, grading a giant bag of work before next week, listening to my favorite radio, reading, drawing, enjoying the week.  While taking care of some paperwork today, I looked up and saw the sun making this interesting pattern on the wall from a front window.  I sketched it in in pen, used gray markers for the values, then added some watercolor pencil and pastel to finish.  The drawing is mostly successful, but interestingly, the trees through the window look like they are glued on as an afterthought.  I need to resolve an issue with the temperature and values in that space, but I left it for now because the illusion is so interesting to me.  
This is my hundred fortieth daily drawing.... very interesting journey so far. Thank you for looking.


  1. The trees in the window look perfect, some windows have that effect of not being symmetric.
    I thought the window might be open at the bottom. The colors are great too.

    1. Thanks, Susi. The window is open at the bottom; a very unusual February day.