Saturday, April 02, 2016

Turtles - Four views and New England Wildlife Center

Along with teaching 7th, 8th, 9th grade math, I also teach four hours each week of what we call "project".  I call my project Global Graphics, which involves some art, some exploration, some community service, etc.  Project time at school is intended to be service learning, with the students getting behind an idea or project they want to learn from and explore.  We have done a variety of things so far this year, one of which has been to collaborate with the New England Wildlife Center for some lessons about animals; how to care for them, how to establish a baseline so you can know when they are deviating from that baseline and perhaps ill.  I asked my students to remember several of the animals we have encountered, and to paint one of the animals on the front of what will be a set of thank you cards for NEWC.  We met a red-tailed hawk, giant turtle, python, skink, more turtles, screech owl, goats, saw a bird undergoing surgery (including an oxygen mask and anesthesia), watched a swan swimming in a big bathtub as part of his rehab  as he recovered from lead poisoning, watched a bearded dragon receive a calcium and vitamin D injection, and even saw a baby bat in the "super quiet baby ward".   BTW, all those lead fishing weights that are lying on the bottom of ponds and streams are a threat to water fowl who ingest them as they scoop muck from the bottom.  Never occurred to me.

 New England Wildlife Center is a great place... so impressive, very generous with their time, and dedicated to caring for a huge variety of local animals. 
Bearded Dragon


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