Saturday, April 16, 2016

Marshfield Fair observations - watercolor

Every student in our K-12 school creates two Exhibitions of Mastery each year.  Exhibitions of Mastery are long term projects that involve research and public presentation.  The students from our school are terrific public speakers as a result.  My arts project is collaborating with the Marshfield Fair (our local Agricultural Fair) this year, its 149th.  My students are going to work in groups to research some of the Fair's offerings for visitors, including horticulture, 4-H, vegetables, artisans, quilting, etc, and make educational displays that will be moved around the Fair during its 10 days in August, the goal being to inform and entice families to see all that the Fair has to offer during their visit.  We'll begin in earnest after vacation, but the students did some research this week and painted their choice of images.  I am impressed by their sense of design.   As always, the midway rides are a big draw.


  1. I know you must be one FINE teacher, and I am amazed at the paintings. What a great project for these students to be participating in.

  2. Thanks, Jerry. I'm a pretty good teacher, most of the time. Always a work in progress... which I guess is true about anything we care about doing well.