Sunday, July 26, 2015

"Watchic Lake" pen & ink 6 x 5

My good friend , Tori (artist Victoria Chesley Brega) invited me to spend a night at her wonderful family camp in Maine before we jumped east to catch the ferry to Monhegan for the week.  Her family's Maine home is a lovely testament to family, history; simple living with time to think and to be and to contemplate.  It is a place to hunker down.  We arrived in the afternoon with the intent of chilling out for a bit, then heading off to the grocery to stock up for the week... but we hunkered and didn't leave until the next morning.  The camp on Lake Watchic is soooo peaceful.  I sketched this lovely birch tree from Tori's screened porch.  The sun filtered through and splashed on it low, then higher, then low again.  We watched the surface of the water change in the distance... indication of rain coming our way; which it did.  Almost consecutively, one of us said, "Ooh, we're getting misted by the rain", as the two of us jumped up and headed into the house because the "misting" became "drenching". Skies cleared, then repeated the whole process less than 2 hours later.  I love New England.   

I love Tori's sense of family, legacy, history.  I understand the importance and awareness of revering objects that family gone by have chosen, used, touched.  

Hoping to spend more time with Tori basking in layers of relaxation.

Take a few minutes (or more) to breathe this summer.  Thank you for looking.

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