Wednesday, July 29, 2015

"From Nigh Duck" - new view of Manana pen & ink 6 x 12

Today I made my way down to "Treasure Beach" or "Sea Glass Beach".  There are a couple of paths that lead there, and isn't far, but what a lovely spot!  And, a new vantage point for watching the shadows extend along Manana.  I climbed up on a flat rock and did some drawing while listening to the birds squacking on Nigh Duck nearby.  I'm going to find my way there again tomorrow a little later in the day to paint.

Finished today with a long read/nap/read on the deck with the intermittent thought that the air was perfect... the kind of air that kisses your skin, makes you think about a light sweater, which you never act on because it was a fleeting thought replaced by the next thought which is the feeling of being so blessed to be alive.  That kind of day....

Thanks for looking.


  1. Gorgeous land/seascape in the works here, Jody. I wish I had a day like yours!

    1. Thanks, Crimson. Feel like I'm soaking the wonderfulness in.