Friday, July 31, 2015

Monhegan Sketchbook July 30 - oil barge, geraniums, etc

Each week that we are blessed to be on Monhegan, my daughter and I choose a day to be up and out early.  We head to the Barnacle for breakfast, and time together.  Today, as we chatted, an oil truck backed down onto the dock.  This is a first for me in the dozen or so years we have been coming to the Island.  The dock is busy, pick up trucks picking up and delivering luggage and goods with each ferry arrival all day long.  But, I had never seen an oil truck.  Its scale was all out of proportion (just realized I've used "proportion" in my last two blog posts; start of school must be approaching) to the landscape, the architecture, and certainly the narrow road and dock.  
Turns out, an oil barge was coming from the mainland to refill the oil truck with diesel fuel, which is used to run some generators up behind the lighthouse.  Live and learn.  The oil barge was long, low, and sleek; and someone told me double-hulled as is the rule since the Exxon Valdez spill.  Again, live and learn.  

Thanks for looking... and reading.

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  1. Fabulous story.
    I love everything about Islands.
    A little microcosm world unto itself.
    Beautiful, beautiful work, Jody.