Sunday, May 03, 2015

"Window Shopping" watercolor & ink 10 x 9

I love walking the streets, watching the hubbub of Boston.  Today was no different, wandering along Newbury Street, and eventually sitting on the curb to draw the storefronts.  This month's theme for Girls Just Wanna Paint is "Bride".  The Vera Wang window sits above this busy section of the street, with mannequin silently posed.  I love the street, loved the time on my own watching and listening to a variety of languages, activities, and Sunday morning bustle.   See all our interpretations of "bride".
As always, thanks for looking.  I enjoy your comments. 


  1. How wonderful! That shop window is the first thing I noticed and it is so eye-catching!

    1. Crimon, thank you. I was hoping your eye would see the bridal window first...