Sunday, May 24, 2015

"Artful Afternoon" oil 12 x 18 work in progress

Memorial Day weekend means North River Arts Festival in Marshfield, MA.  It is a wonderful weekend, filled with music, painting, photography, and jubilance.  Tonight we finished another Festival, the 39th.  I love every minute, and usually spend both days on the street listening to the great music, while painting and talking to visitors.  I love the children who come by to look at my painting.  I often ask for their input and suggestions. Here's my paintingfrom the Festival, still in progress.  You can seen that I switched the light on in front of the buildings, and a few other places, the difference between morning and afternoon.  What a great couple of days.
Thank you to all who stopped by to say hello, it was nice to chat with you.  Happy Memorial Day.


  1. Oh I do so love art festivals! This looks like a great spot to be, Jody!! The painting has so much movement!