Sunday, June 30, 2013

Back to Monhegan Island

 I am back on Monhegan Island, Maine this week, excited about the opportunities to paint, especially to paint my favorite subject here, Manana.  So far, Manana hasn't shown itself through fog, except for a few minutes last night.... I'm looking at fog's colors, yellow, pink, orange, and recalling many trips to London where the weather soundbite was often, "It's brightening!".. it's brightening here, off and on. I'm enjoying the variety of views... boats appear and disappear, the ferry's rumble arrives way before the ferry shows itself just yards before the dock, seagull silhouettes along foggy roof lines... what an interesting week it will be.  Here are a few of my past paintings of Manana.  Posting new ones soon!


  1. So happy you're in Maine, and sharing your work from there! These are great!

  2. I love the watery quality of the lanterns. And your paintings of fog really capture the shifting essence of that seaside companion. Your paintings make me want to venture back up there. We used to sail and we'd spend 6 weeks at a time on the boat. Monhegan was a magical treat. Love your work!