Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Busy Spaces - People Come and People Go

 Since October 2017, I have been drawing/painting something every day.  This began as a one month challenge, but as October 2017 finished, I realized I was NOT finished, and have continued since.  The art takes many forms, but I carry a 5 x 8" Moleskine watercolor book with me everywhere, and draw what I see.  I love capturing the busyness of the street, a restaurant, theater, stadium, park.... and it  has become a daily meditation, whether 15 minutes or several hours.  Here are some examples of these sketches.  You can follow me on Instagram at @jodypaints to see my daily work.  

"Local Restaurant" ink & marker

"Local Yarn Store Joy" ink & watercolor at Boston Fiber Company

"Company" ink & marker at the Boston Opera House

"Treasure Hunting" at Clift Rodgers Consignment Shop

"Treasure Hunting" in progress

"MLK Concert" in progress at Symphony Hall, Boston

"MLK Concert" at Boston Symphony Hall with Boston Children's Chorus

"Lunch at the Bar" at Ocho Cafe in Weymouth, MA

"Lunch at the Bar" at Ocho Cafe in Weymouth

"Coffee with a Friend" at Red Eye Roasters 

"Iowa Hawkeyes" at Rutgers with Caitlin Clark 

"Pause for a Pint" at Sam Adams Brewery

"Pre-Theater" at Sip Wine Bar, Boston

"Pause While Shopping" at Uva Wine Bar in Plymouth

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