Saturday, November 30, 2019

"Jam Jar" oil 8 x 8

The Girls Just Wanna Paint theme for this month was vintage.  Our vintage home is filled with vintage pieces... art, dishes, books, furnishings, etc.  Interestingly, I had a very hard time figuring out where to direct my vintage attentions.  I have always loved faceted silver, and chose this silver pitcher with beaded rim and the crystal jam jar with faceted silver top and spoon.  I picked up some non-vintage raspberry jam as a good complement to the cool silver hues.  The aqua cloth is a remnant from the home where I grew up.  My mother had her mother's loveseat recovered in this beautifully textured fabric.  Mom had the piece in her studio and used it as a backdrop for her own still life setups.  When I hold it, I feel the generations.  It was the right choice for a vintage-themed painting. 

Here are some process photos.  I tinted the canvas with a cad red light/cad orange mix, knowing that most of the still life was cool, leaving the opportunity for some warm to peek through.  I then began with the large shapes, adding the highlight early on, knowing I would need to back all other values down at least a half value to let the highlight glow.  I warmed the jam under the light, and cooled it in shadow.  Then, made a late pass, remembering that the glass needs to show what is in it, on it, and through it.  
As always, thank you for looking, and you know I love your comments.   


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