Sunday, June 23, 2019

Days 620, 624, 626 New Coaster Art

I continue to carry a few of my blank coasters with me each day.  This past month, I drew on them in The Snug, as I watched two men have a conversation at the bar, and at Flann O'Briens the night of the ill-fated Bruins 7th game in the Stanley Cup Finals, and out to dinner after a movie one night with my husband.  I enjoy drawing on the coasters in pen in any restaurant setting, then adding watercolor later from my head, using colors that suit the mood of the scene.  I am going to try adding a finish to the coasters, and am amassing a nice-sized collection.  They look wonderful side by side and tell a story.  
These are my six hundred twentieth, six hundred twenty-fourth and six hundred twenty-sixth daily drawings.  As always, thank you for looking and for your interest. 


  1. These coasters are so amazing. You inspired me to get some and stick in my purse. I haven’t done any yet but I’m ready. Thank you.

  2. Thanks, Jo. They are fun... super absorbent (as a coaster would be) so it's interesting to apply the watercolor. I'm going to try using a sealant on some of them post painting. Let me know how they come out.