Monday, August 01, 2016

"Above Swim Beach" Monhegan Sketchbook 9 x 12

 Yesterday I perched in one of my favorite spots along the rocks above Swim Beach here on Monhegan.  There's a great space, nestled in the rocks with just the right surfaces for sitting, leaning, and laying out a small watercolor setup.  I always wanted a window seat in my bedroom as a girl; this has a lot of those same qualities; comfy, snug, good light, a view, and just remote enough to know what's happening nearby without being in the midst of it.  
And, I watched a gull through its entire "I snagged a crab, and this is how I eat it" routine; a few jab it-drop it-grab it-repeat cycles until the crab stopped wiggling; devour the inside; then eat the shell and claws in small chunks by crunching them up and swallowing them.  So interesting.  I really thought the gull would eat the tender innards.  (Definitely the first time I have used the word "innards" in a blog post; can't promise it will be the last).  
I added a couple of photos here of my sketch without watercolor and the finished piece with the subject in the distance.  
Another great afternoon.  Thanks for looking.