Monday, February 15, 2016

Godzilla Card Le Deuxieme cut paper/colored pencil/mixed 5 x 7

Over a decade ago, I made two Godzilla cards for friends.  The first was my spontaneous response to a birthday party invitation requesting creative cards and no gifts.  Another friend at the party wanted a Godzilla card for herself, so next Christmas, she got this from me, Godzilla turning her home into his own Christmas tree. I hadn't taken pictures of either of the cards, so I'm so glad they surfaced again.  The cards remind me of a special time in our family life where Japanese Godzilla movies ruled the day!  We made Godzilla birthday cakes, watched the movies again and again, imitated them, and incorporated dialog from movies into our daily lives.  "Kaaaatsuuurrraaaa!!!"  (the ill-fated daughter of a secretive Japanese scientist)

So happy to reminisce about that time in our lives. 
For all you Japanese Godzilla movie fans, here's a short walk down memory lane, a link to a video featuring all the monsters from Godzilla movies and their unique roars.

Thanks for remembering with me.

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