Sunday, October 26, 2014

Snow and Pines - then and now

"Snow in the Pines" Joanne F. Regan
"Snow Shadows" Jody Regan

 Spent some time organizing my studio this weekend.  Tucked in one of my many "safe places" I found a small painting of my mother's that I have always cherished (above left).  It's a study that hung in her home, signed but never framed.  I have no idea if she painted it from a window in our home, or while standing out in the snow in her boots...  but it reminds me of my childhood home, the yard, and the hours and hours we spent outside in the snow.  I can almost hear the quiet "plop" the snow will make when the sun warms the branch just enough.  
I can smell the wet wool of my soaked mittens after making snowballs, forts, huts, and sledding down the front hills before coming in to hot chocolate, and rolled newspaper to put in our boots.  Mom's painting draws me into the snowy woods behind our home... it's very poignant for me, as all my senses and memories feel activated.

Next to Mom's painting, is one of mine from a few years ago, "Snow Shadows". I've been studying the variety of colors in our two paintings.. similarities and differences.  I painted a small hill across the street from our yard, again on a warm winter day.  Completely different palette from Mom's painting, but I can still hear the warmed snow falling from branches.  

Someone told me a number of years ago that snow paintings aren't appealing, too cold.  Neither of the above paintings feels cold to me.  I feel the warmth of the sun, and the allure of snow in the pines... some 40 years apart.

Thanks for looking.  I enjoy all your comments.


  1. I think both paintings are wonderful, Jodi. I see where you get your talent too. I personally love snow paintings and do not care what others think about that! LoL I like what I like and I'm a northern girl through and through.

  2. I love snow paintings and I am a big fan of your mama's work. So beautiful and the apple has not fallen far from the tree. Lovely post.

  3. Have a painting by Joanne F.Regan .I think it's called "dunes". Could you tell me , what it's worth. Jerrijas

    1. You can send me an e-mail at with a picture of the painting, and I can let you know.