Saturday, August 16, 2014

Charles and Mount Vernon Streets - pen & ink

This afternoon, we headed into Boston to do nothing more than people watch, drink coffee, walk around the city and enjoy the beautiful, dry, crisp summer air.  
So we did.  We wound up sitting on Charles Street at a nice little coffee shop.  Great coffee, pastry, sweet and savory. 

On the walk through the Public Garden, we passed the bench from "Good Will Hunting", now a shrine to Robin Williams.   The sidewalks in all directions are covered with chalk tributes to him.  

What a lovely afternoon.


  1. Jody, the sketch is so vibrant in comparison to the actual scene. Such fabulous design within the borders.

  2. Such a talent. Love seeing what you drew from the scene...Amazing! You should teach art!

  3. Love the sketch! You captured the vitality of a busy street!

  4. There is so much going on in this little sketch page - the drawing invites me in and I've stayed awhile to look around. I love seeing your sketching safaris!