Sunday, January 27, 2013

Godzilla Card the First 5 x 7 colored pencil/mixed

I like to design my own cards, on occasion.  This card recently surfaced at our monthly Girls Just Wanna Paint  gathering when member Joan Brancale brought some pictures from the past.

A dozen years ago,  I made the time to begin studying painting ferociously. It opened a whole new world to me, for starters, the world of people who don't commute to a desk job every day.  Consequently, I met a terrific group of women, including Joan, and found myself invited to her birthday party. The invitation described a "no present" birthday, but creative cards were welcome.  

We had a kindergartener at the time who had a love of all the Japanese Godzilla movies.  You know, Godzilla vs. Mothra, vs. Megalon, Jet Jaguar, vs. King Ghidorah, vs. Mechagodzilla, vs. Gighan, vs. Monster Zero, ... I think you get the point. The movies were a big part of our day-to-day (or at least week-to-week) and we laughed at Godzilla's crazy Highland fling he dances after blasting Ghidorah (or was it Gighan?), the Plans B and C that are invoked after Godzilla stomps past the Japanese Army's front line, and the sing-song advice given in unison by the tiny twins in a box carted around during Mothra's hatching.  We even had a bedtime routine called "Godzilla Check".

So, in the 20 minutes before Joan's party, I decided to make a Godzilla card.  North River Arts Society, our local organization, had just issued a new membership brochure with Joan gracing the cover.  I cut her from the brochure, replacing the village street she was painting with Godzilla emerging from the trees, and replacing her canvas with a small Godzilla painting. Happily, the card was a big hit.  I was happy to see it again, these years later.  I'm going to plug those Godzilla movies in again, relive our child's childhood.  Thanks for letting me indulge in a little reminiscence. Sayonara!  

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  1. so funny, I was revisiting Barnum & Bailey posters today and came across Gargantua today!

    Perhaps the moon is in full with large hairy mammals.

  2. Jody - this totally rocks, in the most wonderful geekgirl way. Thank you for sharing both story and card. - Sandi

  3. We have watched a couple of the old Godzilla movies since I posted this.. they bring back all kinds of joyful memories!