Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thankful for Onions

Blue Onion 6 x 10
Red and Yellow  8 x 10
 I just shared a satiating, satisfying, wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends.  It was filled with fabulous food, hugs, laughter, stories, play, walks, memories, a few mishaps which will become legend ("remember the year...?").   The holiday was replete with the hectic hubbub I relish.

This year, my  brother concocted a hearty turkey stew/soup from whatever he could find in the kitchen the morning after.  Turkey carcass and leftover
 meat were essentials, but in the process while chatting and chopping, I saw carrots, shallots, garlic, celery, pasta, spices and onions.  I noted that as he sauteed the onions, he poured some of the stock into the sautee pan just before adding the mixture to the stew pot, dredging up all the sweet carmelized yumminess and adding layers of flavor to the stew which was scrumptious.  So...

I started thinking of onions and how often I have chosen them as subject. Here are a few of my onion paintings from over the years.. some you've seen, some not. Onions in the sun, in the shadow, on Mom's favorite plates, with other ingredients, sprouting, peeling, always enticing, color glowing as it bounces onion to onion. Though I love to cook with onions, I am often tempted to let them sprout, and sprout some more.  Those sensuous, organic greens are wild and alluring.

Thanks for looking and Happy Thanksgiving. 
Sunny Onions 8 x 10
Red on Red 12 x 9

Onions 6 x 10

Flavorful 10 x 8
Onions n Oil 10 x 10


  1. What I love about these paintings is how accidental they are. The onions often sit there in their bowl or basket for who knows how long, and then suddenly, we realize what's going on in there. Et voila - a cool painting emerges next. Good job, Jody.

  2. Love the connection between the depth of flavor onions bring to the soup pot and depth of color to the canvas--who would have thought they could be so appealing? Beautiful.....

  3. Jody, you rich and saturated colors are so delightful!! Yum!!