Saturday, August 25, 2012

Marshfield Fair 2012

The Marshfield Fair comes to town for 10 days each August.  We love it and have volunteered for years in a variety of ways during the weeks prior to and including the Fair.  We find ourselves there almost every day, enjoying the lights, the pageantry, the sounds and smells, the people watching.

We spend a lot of time in Agricultural Hall, smack dab in the center of the fairgrounds.  Arts and Crafts are housed upstairs and Horiculture
is downstairs.  This year, I was scheduled for a painting demo upstairs, and chose the Arts and Crafts Shop. I love the majestic old building with its views of carnival rides and festivities out the windows.  

I have been bringing my sketchbook and will sit and draw while soaking up the atmosphere.  Whether I am sitting isolated on the rocks of a Maine Island, or amid the hubbub of our local country fair, I am blessed... 



  1. THANK you for sharing! I love, love, love your drawings - particularly of the architecture! Go Jody!

  2. You have a true talent for perspective in these drawings. I thoroughly enjoyed these and the ones from Maine! Keep them coming...

  3. Your joy translates so well into your lovely paintings, Jody!!

  4. These and your Maine paintings are luscious! Always so colorful and full of life.