Sunday, July 15, 2012

"In the Dinghy" 9 x 12 watercolor & ink

Manana painting Monhegan

Manana is a very small, mostly uninhabited, island just west of Monhegan. Aside from providing a sheltered harbor for the larger island,  Manana also provides a gorgeous backdrop from almost every vantage point on the east side of Monhegan Island.  I enjoy painting Manana, looking at Manana as I meander through my days, and collecting paintings of Manana.  I am thrilled to have added a lovely study of Manana by Alison Hill  to my collection.  

"In the Dinghy" is a sketch of the harbor from Fish Beach.  The father and daughter made several trips from the beach to their mooring, reminding me of my days as a child in our old dinghy rowing back and forth just because I could.  Thanks for looking.

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