Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Bathscape" oil 12" x 9"

I have a lot of favorite things that I use as props, and have built shelves into every nook of my cozy studio to hold many of them, always making room for the next consignment shop find.  We are exploring color this term in my painting class.  I have carried bags of rich chroma props, then neutral props, then props primarily red, blue, or yellow (pun intended), then colored glass props... all to the art center where I teach.  Soon, we'll be able to bring class outside to revel in the colors nature provides, but not yet. 

 Sometimes the props in my studio, even coupled with flowers or produce, just aren't doing it for me so I look elsewhere.  For this painting, I just opened the linen closet shelves for all those bath products that don't get used often.  Their pastel palette is very appealing, along with transparency, interesting labels, and bottle shapes provided a great bag of variety to take to class.  Rather than replacing them all on the shelves when I returned home, I recycled the older bottles.  Great still life props, some clean out accomplished, and shelf space gained.  Win, win, and win!

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