Sunday, January 01, 2012

End of Day oil 9 x 12

We finalized our plans yesterday for this summer's sojourn to Monhegan Island.  It has become an end-of-year ritual; dates are fixed on the calendar; and more than a few minutes are spent anticipating the reunion with friends, games, conversation, sights, smells, salt, and long, joyful hours at my easel.

Here's a painting from one of my favorite spots on the island, late in the afternoon sitting out on the jetty as the shadows creep down Manana. When I see this painting, I hear gulls, laughter of children on the beach, the crunch of boats pulled up on the sand, and the lap, lapping of the waves on the rocks below me. 

May your new year be more joyful than not.   Happy 2012.


  1. Nice composition. Great Monhegan plan. I have only been there once. Fabulous spot!

  2. Sounds like a refreshing place to go. I am liking your comments and musings on composition and color.

  3. Suzanne, we're lucky enough to go each summer. What a treat!
    Thanks, Claudia. I'm enjoying your blog as well.

  4. Love this entry Jody...a feast for the senses!