Saturday, January 03, 2015

"Sister Cottages" watercolor and ink 5 x 9

It is a new year!  Last year I opened each day by drawing in my sketchbook.  This year my plan is to create a small watercolor sketch each day.  The first is "Sister Cottages", a sketch of two of my favorite houses from Monhegan Island, with another cottage behind them.  Back in 2007, Monhegan held a historic house tour featuring ten of its houses built a hundred years earlier. On a gray, drizzly July day, I was overjoyed to tour each of these graceful, beautiful homes carrying the patina of their age.  The sister cottages (as I call them) were on the tour.  They are mirror images of one another.  Elegant stone fireplaces with staircases neatly tucked behind them, graceful front porches facing the ocean.    

Jamie Wyeth's wonderful exhibit at Boston's MFA closed this past week. What a joy to see each of his paintings, including many of Monhegan Island. The painting below was among them.  The "Twin Cottages" as he painted them in 1969.  Breathtaking, isn't it?!  Aren't they?  

  As always, I love your comments.  Thanks for looking.  Stay tuned for tomorrow's watercolor sketch and Happy New Year!

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