Thursday, January 08, 2015

"Majestic" watercolor and ink 7 x 5

Once in a while, during my daily comings and goings, I'll turn and catch my breath as nature wows with its grand majesty... the kind of wow that leaves you gobsmacked, stopped in your tracks, jaw dropping... glad to be alive. Such was the case one night this past autumn as I left a nearby parking lot.  I tried to catch it in today's sketch.   I love those moments, and never want to be so preoccupied, so busy, so rushed, distracted, intent on my destination, that I don't pause, rejoice, sometimes say a quiet prayer of thanks, and just enjoy.

Thank you for looking.  Keep your head up!


  1. Your latest work is blowing my mind..Of course I love then subject matter but your compositions and color and verve are amazing

    1. Thanks, Page. I'm enjoying my time with sketchbook on these cold days.