Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Day 456 "Liberty Grille Coaster" lunch date

Today was the last day of my winter vacation; school begins again tomorrow.  It was a lovely, restful day including a walk through Hingham Village to The Liberty Grille for a leisurely lunch. I drew on both sides of my coaster, and painted them later at home.  Sweet spot, nice day, brisk walk to and from.  Back to work tomorrow.
This is my 456th daily drawing.  Thank you for your continued interest.   

Day 455 "Safe Passage" gouache on paper 12 x 12

The Girls Just Wanna Paint Challenge for this month is the theme "passage".  Usually, I think about the theme, and I wind up with several ideas and mental pictures from which to choose.  But, "passage" had me a bit flummoxed.  I thought about Bible passages (I'm no expert, and didn't want to illustrate a narrative), then about passages to other places as in the "The Secret Garden", then about "rites of passage" in life... but still, no interesting visuals came to mind.  Then, I began searching for images of "safe passage". I discovered an organization called Safe Passage, originating in the Chicago area. It involves Chicago Police-trained volunteers providing a safe passage for students to and from school in neighborhoods where violence is the norm.  This model has expanded to other cities as well.  I explored several design ideas for presenting the Safe Passage volunteer as a barrier to violence.  You can see the designs below.  

From the beginning, my idea was not to present the guard completely, but as an obstruction between any violence and the stream of children behind.  As a teacher, this research was a good reminder for me, how much many children deal with before they even arrive in a classroom seat.   The Safe Passage model has expanded to a number of cities.  Glad to see it. 
Thank you for looking. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Daily Drawing 449 "Quincy Center" ink & watercolor

Some time in a coffee shop while drawing, with my daughter while she knit... that was our big plan for today, the day after Christmas, Boxing Day.  We set out, explored a few neighborhoods, and wound up at Gunther Tooties Bagel and Coffee shop in Quincy center.  We frequent one of their shops in our neighborhood; food is fresh, made with care in a pleasant environment. We took some stools by the window where I could see the traffic through the newly-arranged square, and we hung out.  There was a fascinating conversation at a a nearby table, on which, by the way, we did not eavesdrop, they were loud.  We would have had to leave... was it a breakup?  Was it an analysis of a first or second date?  Was it verbal sparring for the un-fun of it?  At one point, he said, "why did we need to come out for food to have this conversation?"  By the way, she ordered the chicken noodle soup, while he asked for ice water... part of the fun of hanging out in a coffee shop.  They left abruptly, got into the same car, though about 2 minutes apart, and drove off together.  Who knows?  Could be the start of a very interesting story, and I hope the right thing happens for the two of them, whatever that is. This is my four hundred forty-ninth daily drawing.  Thank you for your continued interest in my daily efforts.

Saturday, December 01, 2018

November Daily Drawings - a handful

Here are a number of may daily drawings from the month of November.  It's been an interesting month, few sunny days, but I found some chances to be out in the sun when it did show.  And, I did a couple of drawings from favorite old movies, "All About Eve" and "Charade".  I didn't see "All About Eve" until I was an adult, and hadn't seen many Bette Davis movies aside from "Whatever Happend to Baby Jane?" which was super scary.  Come to think of it, I also saw the Bette Davis movie "The Nanny", so well-written and suspenseful.  Imagine a 10-yr-od boy barricaded in his room while his Nanny tries to kill him... an lots of other suspense building within the apartment prior to her going for him.  Terrifying.  Add "Rear Window" to my list and what were my parents thinking?  Who was watching my television consumption?  I am up to my 424th daily drawing.  Thank you for continuing to see my posts?

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Daily Drawing 412 "MSW Studio" ink&watercolor 5 x 8 - love an open studio day

The 4th Floor Artists of Rockland, MA have been running open studios since the mid-1990s.  Their two buildings house dozens of artists' studios in all shapes and sizes.  I love visiting during the November open house.  Yesterday, I spent a while hanging out with my friend and artist Mary Sheehan-Winn.  She is such a terrific painter.  While we chatted, I did a sketch of one of her fascinating walls with paintings and a few choice objects artfully placed among the white-painted studs.  Sweet afternoon. I added some watercolor when I returned home. 
This is my four hundred twelfth daily drawing.  Thank you for looking. 

Daily Drawing 413 "Liberty in the Morning" 5 x 8 ink&watercolor

While my husband ran book group at our church this morning, I opted for some art-in-the-car time instead. This lovely antique building is The Liberty Grille, a nice pub and local restaurant.  I like its slightly crooked lines and the proportions of its windows to walls.   A little research showed me the building originated in 1722.  You can read more about the building through this Hingham Historical Society link.  There was nice, soft light this morning, and quiet streets, as a few people crossed here and there for breakfast dates.  
This is my four hundred thirteenth daily drawing.  Thank you for your continued interest.  

Friday, November 09, 2018

Daily Drawing 404 "Professional Development Day" pen & ink 3 x 5

 Today we had a full day of professional development at school while our students began a 4 day weekend.  It was a good day with my colleagues covering safety, formative assessments, grading, and providing a chance to spend a little social time with my co-workers, which is rare in our busy, busy days.  It's good for us to have time to talk about how to do the best for our students.  I had time for a few sketches during our faculty meeting this morning.  
This is my four hundred fourth daily drawing.  Thank you for your interest and attention.