Friday, January 23, 2015

"Lighthouse Hill" 6 x 4 watercolor and ink

 From my sketchbook tonight, a quick drawing  of the path up to the lighthouse on Monhegan, and the same sketch with some color added.  I like them both, but enjoy looking at the progression from first to second with the light turned on.   The hill is a short, steep climb up a twisting dirt road, and then the world opens up with the village and Manana below, and the mainland 12 miles distant.  Doesn't matter if the day is clear or cloudy, calm or windy, arrival on the hill is wonderful.  And, the Lighthouse Museum is fascinating.  I visit every summer, and always find a favorite among the exhibited work and artifacts.  One year, there were several of Kent's small, sensitive sepia ink and water sketches... stopped me in my tracks.  
Can't wait to see what's up there this coming summer.  

Thanks for looking, and anticipating with me.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"Waiting for the Weekend" watercolor & ink 9 x 6

Today's sketch is a study from an oil of mine; an interior from a house in Maine where I have stayed with artist friends along the coast of Maine... great house, updated last in about 1975.  You know the look, the formica, the tile floor, and the variety of arm chairs into which you sink about 4 inches farther than expected.  The house has a big cellar with stone foundation, and Maxwell House coffee cans filled with nuts, bolts, screws, and nails.  There are lots of coffee cups, with accompanying saucers in the cupboard, and a cornucopia of mismatched glasses and plates. I love every quirky inch of its wallboard, and oddly arranged lighting.  And, I loved the room off the kitchen with life jackets, old chipped croquet set, badmitten nets, and citronella buckets.  Takes me right back to our house on Cape Cod as a kid, with the same jumble of equipment waiting for a family to drag it all out into the sun, and salt water.

Thanks so much for looking, and reminiscing with me.

Cathedral Woods - two takes

 A couple of images from my visits to Monhegan Island, both painted in Cathedral Woods.  There is a glade, in the woods where everything opens up, sun streams through the trees, and you are far enough (tough on Monhegan) from the water not to hear and sense its presence.  All sounds are muffled by the trees, and pine needle carpet.  It is a holy place.

It's very interesting for me to look at my choice of palette in both these images, done in different media a couple of years apart.  I use more limited palette with my oils.  Hmmm..

Thanks for looking!

Friday, January 16, 2015

"Family Lunch" watercolor & ink 7 x 9

First take on this image from a local burger joint.  I liked the backlit family having lunch one afternoon. I am enjoying the juxtaposition of figures against structural framing, and the light streaming in the doorway.  People watching is one of my favorite pastimes.  Last year I brought each of my 8th grade math classes to a local sandwich shop.  I gave them each a math packet which they worked on while they ate and chatted.  This year, I plan to bring my art project students with their sketch books.  I'll give them some direction ahead of time about how to sketch scenes without making anyone self conscious.  Should be fun!  I'm planning to make another go at this image.  

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

"Waiting" 5 x 3 watercolor and ink

Continuing to reminisce about and anticipate summer days during our very cold new year. Every day, the dock on Monhegan Island undulates with the comings and goings of residents, summer renters, and day trippers.  It is a lovely spot to sit, sketch, and people watch while the energy shifts.    This couple looked like weary day-trippers, ready for the ferry back to Boothbay Harbor after a day hiking and exploring.  

We've arranged our dates for next summer!

Thanks for looking.

Thursday, January 08, 2015

"Majestic" watercolor and ink 7 x 5

Once in a while, during my daily comings and goings, I'll turn and catch my breath as nature wows with its grand majesty... the kind of wow that leaves you gobsmacked, stopped in your tracks, jaw dropping... glad to be alive. Such was the case one night this past autumn as I left a nearby parking lot.  I tried to catch it in today's sketch.   I love those moments, and never want to be so preoccupied, so busy, so rushed, distracted, intent on my destination, that I don't pause, rejoice, sometimes say a quiet prayer of thanks, and just enjoy.

Thank you for looking.  Keep your head up!

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

"Arline and Mo's" watercolor & ink 6 x 7

Today's sketch is a view from Monhegan's Horn Hill down into the harbor past artists' Arline and Mo's home.  We have become friends with them over the years and I've posted a couple of times about our visits with them on island, and once down in NY at Arline's solo gig a couple of years ago.  Wonderful people, so smart, and quick-witted, and welcoming... part of the Monhegan fabric we are lucky enough to visit each summer. 

Temperatures are plummeting here this evening and into the latter half of the week.... I'm dreaming of summer.

As always, thanks for looking!