Thursday, February 04, 2016

"Weekend Getaway" oil 16 x 12

A few years ago I spent a great weekend in Provincetown painting with friends.  It was a cool couple of days, definitely pre-season, but so nice to be out walking the lovely streets with all their activity.
The January theme for my Girls Just Wanna Paint group was "referencing the golden section". Here's a good article about the proportions andhow the ratio is incorporated into design.  
I have a few changes to make to this painting, but it captures the feel of the day, and uses the golden ratio as a basis for the design.
Thanks for looking. 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Rainy Day at the Coffee Shop 9 x 12 pen & ink

Another wonderful morning spent hanging in the coffee shop on Beacon & Charles Streets in Boston.  Parking is free in the city on Sunday so if you get in around 8:30, the streets are pretty open. I love watching the pedestrians, today pedestrians with umbrellas, walking in and out of the Common. It's so interesting to sit, draw, and listen to the buzz of conversations in the shop.  
I took a few reference photos of pedestrians to use in my drawing, but mostly, I like to try to grab their gesture as they wait for the traffic light.  

I think I'll add a little rainy day hint of color to the distance in this drawing.  I like to think of generations of people walking through the stone pillars at the corner of the Common.   
Rainy Day at the Coffee Shop - start

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Childe Hassam "The Avenue in the Rain" 1917 and the West Wing

We have been binge watching "The West Wing" during this Christmas break.  I love the show, so wordy and fast-paced. I have no way of knowing if the show is an accurate depiction of the White House staff in action.  However, during a scene in the White House, I saw a familiar image in the background and looked it up.  Yes, this Childe Hassam painting, "The Avenue inthe Rain" 1917, is in the White House collection.  Turns out Childe Hassam painted at least 25 patriotic images with flags, many of 5th Avenue in New York.
During the latter part of his career, Childe Hassam lived in New York and had a studio near the 5th Avenue parade route.  In 1916 5th Avenue was the scene of a Preparedness Day parade, showing support for the US involvement in The Great War. The parade of 137,000 laborers, mothers, teachers, businessmen and doctors lasted over 13 hours. 
The flags were the inspiration for Hassam's patriotic series.


"Sunday Morning Coffee" pen & ink 6 x 8

Sometimes I drive into Boston on Sunday mornings, hang out at a coffee shop and either grade papers or do some drawing.  I was sketching today at a tall table, when I looked up and there was a friend I hadn't seen in quite a while.  We spent the next hour catching up, which was a gift on this beautiful morning.


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

"Wildflowers and Ironstone" 9 x 12 oil

I love objects with facets, ironstone, silver, glass.  They reflect their surroundings in a lovely way.  Here is one of my favorite ironstone cream pitchers back lit with wildflowers, and a tomato which casts a beautiful color on the white.

Added to my studio clearance sale today.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Climate Change - Getting the Message Across

UMass Lowell has a great website for educating students about climate concerns and encouraging their involvement in advocating for change.  My students watched an interesting slide show, read a number of FAQs, and entered a poster contest with their take on spreading the news about climate change. Here's a link to the slide show.   The posters needed to be a specific size and shape because the winning posters will grace the sides of the Lowell Regional Transit Authority (LRTA) buses. We had a learning curve aside from climate change itself.  The posters needed to be 22" x 7" with a one inch border around the edge.  Sometimes I need to remind myself that what I see as a simple task is not simple for all.  I taught everyone how to make a one inch border that was uniform.  We made draft designs and discussed their strengths and potential changes. Here are some of the final products.  I'm really proud of my students' efforts and their fabulous creative ideas. 
 What do you think?

Friday, December 18, 2015

A Few More....

Added a few more paintings to my Studio Clearance Sale.  including this demo I did with my painting class a few summers ago.  The blue dinghy was very appealing, and the truck behind it was originally white, replaced by a blue one, and eventually a red one... I love a moving target.

Finding all kinds of things as I clean out.  Use the link above, click on any image and you will see its dimensions and pricing information.  Thanks in advance for looking.