Sunday, May 24, 2015

"Artful Afternoon" oil 12 x 18 work in progress

Memorial Day weekend means North River Arts Festival in Marshfield, MA.  It is a wonderful weekend, filled with music, painting, photography, and jubilance.  Tonight we finished another Festival, the 39th.  I love every minute, and usually spend both days on the street listening to the great music, while painting and talking to visitors.  I love the children who come by to look at my painting.  I often ask for their input and suggestions. Here's my paintingfrom the Festival, still in progress.  You can seen that I switched the light on in front of the buildings, and a few other places, the difference between morning and afternoon.  What a great couple of days.
Thank you to all who stopped by to say hello, it was nice to chat with you.  Happy Memorial Day.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

"Mother's Love" watercolor & ink 7 x 9

I had a lovely Mother's Day weekend earlier this month.  I was in Boston's Public Garden in the morning, watching families walking about in various sized groups, pausing for photo ops with the swan boats as backdrop.  When I sat on a bench to draw and paint, I was struck by the swan boats under the Garden's bridge, docked and waiting for riders.  Between me and the boats was a natural alcove created by overhanging willows, and adjoining maples.  I saw a repeated theme of hearts.. the sweeping necks of the swans framed by the bridge, the merging trees in the foreground, the weeping willow's graceful branches, and even the little reluctant squirrel in the lower right foreground.  It was a morning filled with love, right down to the late-morning duck parade led by the Harvard jazz band which meandered through the garden to its destination near the bronze McCloskey Duck sculpture.  Why does the parade mean love?   Because I LOVE parades.  I do.  Have since I was a little girl.  
Here's a link to Robert Preston in "The Music Man" because... I LOVE parades.

As always, thank you for looking.  I love your comments.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

"Window Shopping" watercolor & ink 10 x 9

I love walking the streets, watching the hubbub of Boston.  Today was no different, wandering along Newbury Street, and eventually sitting on the curb to draw the storefronts.  This month's theme for Girls Just Wanna Paint is "Bride".  The Vera Wang window sits above this busy section of the street, with mannequin silently posed.  I love the street, loved the time on my own watching and listening to a variety of languages, activities, and Sunday morning bustle.   See all our interpretations of "bride".
As always, thanks for looking.  I enjoy your comments. 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

"Harbor Sketch" pen & ink 9 x 12

I like the "skyline" presented by the boats lined up in the local harbor... so many layers, so much detail, which I can choose to delve into or not.  Nice place to spend some time.  Thanks for looking.


Saturday, April 25, 2015

"Cut River" watercolor/ink/pencil 9 x 12

Here's the "Cut River" completed. I used my block in (see left) which showed the light and shadow pattern as a guide.  The small yellow house, darkest to the left, became the lightest in the finished painting.  I'm going to show to my art students as a jumping off point about how important value is.  
Thanks for looking.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

"Cut River" - two takes, work in progress

 "The Cut River was dug in the early 1600s and again in the first decade of the 1800s after the mouth of the river closed up. It provided an inland waterway from Green Harbor to Duxbury Bay and on to Plymouth Harbor and was safer than being on the open sea during storms. " from history of Green Harbor.  

There are lovely old homes on pilings along this tidal river that runs parallel to the ocean.  Several years ago I painted the oil study above with the backlit houses facing me, away from the ocean.  I positioned myself and easel behind a couple of businesses in a sandy parking area and began painting.  I looked down half hour later and noticed the water creeping up so I moved back, then back again 15 minutes later, then again, and packed up within about 35 minutes of first noticing the tide encroaching.   A gentleman in a local business said we were experiencing the highest non-storm tides seen there, occurring twice a year.  Fascinating, but not so conducive to a long painting session.  
Yesterday, I headed down that direction with my sketchbook, and settled in for a quick sketch and wash in.  I have to say, I first looked at a rock on the river's edge to see which way the tide was moving.. again incoming, though not quite so fast.  I laid in a pale wash to indicate where the light and shadow line is, and will complete the sketch here at home.  Interestingly, there is a whole new, and grandiose, home behind the closest homes.  Did I leave it out a couple of years ago, using artistic license?  I think not; more likely it was a tear down and rebuild.  Changing skyline. 
Will be fun to lay in the darks.  I love the bones of these homes.  

Thanks for looking.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

"At the Lobster Dock" watercolor & ink 6 x 9

I added some color into my recent sketch of lunch up in East Boothbay Harbor at The Lobster Dock as I continue to explore this painting idea.  Though our trips there were over a decade ago, I can remember exactly what the day felt like, the temperature, the still, humid air, the mixed scents of salt water and lobster boiling, and the shimmer over the harbor as we waited for lunch.  I'm enjoying exploring the past, and have learned a few things for when I make this into an oil painting.  I would make a few shifts so that the umbrella seems to be casting more of a shadow below it... to convey more of the need for the shelter it created.

I'll keep you posted as I continue to explore.  Thanks for looking.