Monday, April 15, 2019

Day 560 and more - Patterns in Doodles

 Sometimes I create my daily drawing at night, and am interested in exploring patterns, without intent.  I will lay down an asymmetrical grid pattern and begin mark-making.  Occasionally, the lines are more organic, other times more structural.  Interestingly, I almost always draw my sketchbook work that is representational using straight lines, seldom curves.  But, when I doodle these structures, I often opt for curved lines.  As I fill in the space, I am sometimes driven by the density of lines in the grid, and will look for where more detail is needed. 

These are interesting to me... expect to see more in the future. As always, thank you for looking.  I appreciate your interest, and your comments. 

Saturday, April 06, 2019

Day 552 "At the Grille" coaster art, ink & watercolor

Last night, we took our daughter and two friends to dinner in Boston at Woody's Grille & Tap.  We love this nice little spot, good selection of beers, great pizza and burgers.  It was so nice to listen to the smart, sassy, engaged conversation of these three young women who care about each other and the world.  Meanwhile, I made some new "coaster art".  I draw on the coaster at the table, and add watercolor later, from how I remember the scene.  We had a lovely night.. 
This is my five hundred fifty-second daily drawing.  Thank you for your interest, and for following my daily drawing adventures.  

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Day 546 "Sunday AM View" ink & watercolor

Sunday mornings, I usually sit in the same pew in church.  New North Church  in Hinhgam has the oldest pews in town.  They are labeled with the original pew holders' names, including Benjamin Lincoln, Revolutionary War hero who accepted Cornwallis' sword at Yorktown. Today I moved forward one pew, and saw this out the window, through the ancient rippled glass.  I drew while listening to a fascinating sermon about The Prodigal Son, where I always think the older, responsible son had a right to be cranky.  We had a lively and interesting discussion afterwards, with a variety of points of view.  Edifying.  
This is my five hundred forty-sixth daily drawing.  As always, thank you for looking, and for your continued interest in my work.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Day 539 "Coaster Art - NY City Lunch" ink & watercolor

Spent a wonderful weekend in New York with my daughter... no agenda beyond attending a Friday night live performance of the podcast Wine and Crime, which was a blast.  We spent Saturday walking through parts of the city, drawing in Bryant Park, exploring the NYC Public Library, Steven Shwarzman building, touring St. Patrick's Cathedral, and popped into MJ Smith's Food and Spirits for a great burger, and some time for "coaster art".  I have my own coasters that I keep in my sketchbook, in case I have lunch in a pub that suits.  This one certainly did.  You can see photos of my drawings in progress here.  I added watercolor this morning while sipping coffee at my cousin's sunny counter.  A great weekend, refreshing, stimulating.  New York is a visual feast for the eye... and I loved meandering without agenda, taking in the sights.  
This is my five hundred thirty-ninth daily drawing.  Thank you for your continued interest.  

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Day 535 "Still Light with Compote a la Matisse" pen, ink, marker

Image result for matisse still life compoteTonight, I was looking through images online, as I often do... exploring, and saw a few of Matisse's paintings of fruit in still life.  I like the arrangement of this one with the compote.  This is a value study.  You can see the painting below.  I like the textures and the values, and although the placement of objects provides depth, the modelling is still quite flat, and the value shifts are strong and mostly crisp.. This was painted in 1899, when Matisse was 30 years old.  His style shifted as the decades passed, including his paper cutouts in the 1920s and 1930s.  There is a consistency in the powerful, angular shapes that is very appealing.  
This is my five hundred thirty-fifth daily drawing.  As always, I appreciate your interest and your comments.  

Monday, March 04, 2019

Day 519 "End of Day" pastel on black ink

What an interesting weekend!  Yesterday morning provided a sunny gleam on top of the few inches of snow we received Friday night.  Then, clouds rolled in and the pre-snow heaviness was followed by rapid snow beginning around 10pm last night.  We wound up with about a foot of heavy snow greeting us this morning, and no school.  It was fun to shovel... great exercise and clean air.  This afternoon we did some errands, then drove home along the coast at dusk.  I saw this over my shoulder while looking east.  The sun was almost gone, and it lit the sky, pushing against the heavy, dark clouds that were moving out over the ocean to the east.  So many colors, so much beauty.  Great day with lots of outdoor time.  I even made a snow angel, because... otherwise I'll wait until next year, and I believe this is the first one I've ever made in March.  
This is my five hundred nineteenth daily drawing.  Thank you for your interest and your comments.  I appreciate every one.

Sunday, March 03, 2019

Day 518 "Morning Light" watercolor 5 x 8 - a snowy spring day

My husband likes to get to church early on Sunday morning to organize his thoughts, conduct book study, and get settled in before the congregation arrives.  We drive together, but I like to hang outside and draw somewhere nearby. This winter, I noticed the shadows cast up the street on the Old Ordinary, home of the Hingham Historical Society.  I posted my five hundred fourth drawing of the building using ink and markers a couple of weeks ago, with its beautiful shadow pattern.  Today I used my watercolors for the same view.  There is a snow storm predicted for tonight, so the clouds were encroaching, but I could see the shadows intermittently and took advantage. 
You can see my in process photograph below, taken from the dash board of my car as I painted this morning. 
This is my five hundred eighteenth daily drawing.  Thank you, as always, for looking.