Friday, October 20, 2017

"Downtown Crossing" pen & ink 9 x 6 #Inktober

I have always been drawn to the pageantry of the flags in Boston's Downtown Crossing; whether straight out in the wind, or hanging in calm lock step.  It's an interesting, cavernous spot, again, lots of architectural detail and sun angling off the tall buildings above.  
This is my 20th drawing for the #Inktober challenge.   Thanks for looking.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

"Table Top" ink and white crayon 5 x 3 #Inktober

Today my art project students began exploring value.  I gave them black paper and white crayons, and showed them how to look at a black and white image of a round object, observing the zones of light.  I showed them how to use a white crayon to reproduce the different values from 1 to 4 using various pressure with the crayon, leaving the black paper as the darkest. They produced some very interesting work and are beginning to see. 
I made a couple of sample works.  First I painted a rectangle of india ink, the use only the white crayon  to draw my subject. Below is a simple ball I drew to demonstrate the zones of light. 

This is my 19th entry into the #Inktober challenge.
As always, thank you so much for looking.  Leave a comment if you'd like.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

"Cat Nap" mixed 3 x 6 #Inktober

Our cat Maggie loves to sleep on the cable box. It is warm, centrally located and we cuddle her every hour or so when we have to move her tail, or leg, or paw so that the remote control will work... sort of a sweet retro kind of feel.  Remember the days you had to get up to change the channel? I started with some ink with a brush, then layered up with white conte pencil, some colored pencils, just for the cable box, and some fine point pen.  The drawing doesn't look much like Maggie, but I enjoyed layering ink, pencil, more ink, and white conte. 
This is my eighteenth drawing for #Inktober 2017.  As always, thank you for looking. 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

"Elegance" pen & ink with warm gray 10 x 9 #Inktober

I grew up listening to my mother admire elegant, graceful homes we saw on our road trips to the Cape and to Maine.  She connected with their lines, their details, poise, sense of history, patina, and their silent presence.  Often, as we passed a rundown beauty, she would remark, "That house just needs someone to love it.".. as she loved the house we grew up in.  This is a house in Maine I see almost every summer.  It is situated at a bend in the road, and always catches my eye, regardless of time of day.  
This is my seventeenth drawing for #Inktober.   As always, thank you for looking.

Monday, October 16, 2017

"Spanish Rooftops" watercolor & ink 9 x 12 #Inktober

Here are a couple of rooftops from a trip to Spain years ago.  I remember looking up at the deepening sky, and seeing their silhouettes against the blue.  Beautiful detail, casual, elegant, utilitarian.  Striking.  They remind me a bit of the tile rooftop in the Charlton Heston movie, "Ben Hur" where his sister knocks a loose tile off and it falls onto the new centurion, Ben's childhood friend Masala.  Ben takes the fall for her and becomes a galley slave... the rest is "history" as it were.  I'm not sure what town were were in, but I remember the scene vividly.

This is my sixteenth entry for the #Inktober challenge.  Thanks for looking as I continue my exploration through my archives.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

"Lamppost, Paris" pen, ink, watercolor pencil 4 x 5 #Inktober

About a decade ago, I was in Paris on trip with school.  I need to get back to spend more time.  The city is take-your-breath-away beautiful, in scale, design, in its grandiose structures, but also in the smallest of details.  This is a study of the base of a lamppost I noticed as we waited to cross a street. 
When we slow down, spend time looking, heighten our senses, there is beauty in the details, in unexpected places.  
This is my fifteenth #Inktober entry.  Thank you for looking.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

"Quiet Harbor" pen, ink, colored pencil 9 x 9 #Inktober

I love drawing from the foreground to the back, thinking about the interplay of lines and shape and what needs to intersect what where and how.  Sounds a bit vague as I reread, but truth is, once I get going, it is very specific... maneuvering reality as I draw it to avoid unintentional geometry and misleading tangents and intersections.  Today was gray, albeit warm for mid-October, and occasionally drizzly.  The harbor is in transition from summer's bustle, to winter calm; half of the pleasure boats are in storage, many on the other side of the harbor, indicated here by the slightest suggestion of grouped masts and shrink-wrapped boats.  
This is my fourteenth entry into #Inktober 2017, and as you can see from the additional photo here... I can not take full solo credit for my work.
Again, thank you for looking.  I'm enjoying the intentionality of  making drawing time each day.