Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Day 167 "Hauling Traps" 6 x 9 watercolor & ink

Every summer we spend some time in Maine, catching the ferry from New Harbor over to Monhegan.  Lobster boats are part of the landscape.  They are picturesque, hard working, colorful, iconic.  One day, I was painting on the rocks by Pemaquid Lighthouse, and this boat was circling through the nearby water hauling its traps out.  It was mesmerizing, circling in the sun, light shifting along its angles.  This is my hundred sixty-seventh daily drawing.  Thank you for taking a look at the world through my eyes. 

Pop Up page on my website. New original 8 x 10 drawings.

Announcing the new Pop Up page on my website, Jody Regan Paints.  You'll find 8 x 10 original drawings based on some of the daily drawings I have been making since October 1, 2017.  These are the first five Pop Ups, more are on their way.  Hope you take a look; thanks in advance.  

Day 166 "Hello, Honey" mixed 8 x 7

Years ago I painted a couple of honey bears with their iconic pointed caps in oil.  Tonight I copied the painting in ink, watercolor pencil, and marker.  I love the faces and character of these cute bears.  The light bounces around inside them, creating greens, oranges, and blues along with the background.  Each seems to have its own personality.  
This is my hundred sixty-sixth daily drawing.  Thank you for looking as I continue to explore.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Day 165 "Snow Shadows" 6 x 9 watercolor & ink

Although spring begins tomorrow, we have been hit by nor'easter after nor'easter storm this month. March came in like a lion, then morphed into a dragon.    In fact, they are calling this week's storm "four'easter".  The snow is beautiful on the ground.  Across the street are a number of pines, leaning into the hill.  I love the way their shadows descend down the hill below the trees.  The snow has so many colors in it.  It is gorgeous.  
This is my hundred sixty-fifth daily drawing.  Thank you so much for looking.  

Day 164 "Friends" ink, marker, pencil 7 x 6

In a neighboring town, there are lovely homes like these two, nearby one another and overlooking the bay.  I love their cottage feel, mansard roof lines, and proximity to one another.  The sun plays off their windows and dormers, making beautiful patterns.  I love that these two houses have been standing for decade upon decade, watching people come and go, and I imagine them talking to one another about the changes they see.  
This is my hundred sixty-fourth daily drawing.  Thank you for your time and attention.  

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Day 163 "Lucerne" 9 x 7 pen&ink

Years ago we took a school trip which included a few days in Lucerne.  What a beautiful small city, nestled below the Alps.  We spent an afternoon walking around and found a small museum, The Rosengart Collection, which had a wonderful collection of Picasso along with Kandinsky, and some other works. The Rosengart family had just donated the building and collection to the city a few years before.  The family had been patrons of Picasso. We enjoyed wandering the streets.  
This is my hundred sixty-third daily drawing.  Thank you for looking.  

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Day 162 "Lone Tree" ink and watercolor pencil 9 x 5

I was struck by this beautiful cloud and the single tree in the foreground.  It's a photo I took a while back, and I don't know where the site  is.  I need to do some more investigation, and some more exploring painting clouds.  I loved the big, blue bowl of sky above rising powerfully, without interruption above the cloud.  
This is my hundred sixty-second daily drawing.  Thank you for looking.