Friday, January 23, 2015

"Lighthouse Hill" 6 x 4 watercolor and ink

 From my sketchbook tonight, a quick drawing  of the path up to the lighthouse on Monhegan, and the same sketch with some color added.  I like them both, but enjoy looking at the progression from first to second with the light turned on.   The hill is a short, steep climb up a twisting dirt road, and then the world opens up with the village and Manana below, and the mainland 12 miles distant.  Doesn't matter if the day is clear or cloudy, calm or windy, arrival on the hill is wonderful.  And, the Lighthouse Museum is fascinating.  I visit every summer, and always find a favorite among the exhibited work and artifacts.  One year, there were several of Kent's small, sensitive sepia ink and water sketches... stopped me in my tracks.  
Can't wait to see what's up there this coming summer.  

Thanks for looking, and anticipating with me.


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