Monday, January 05, 2015

"In at the Inn" watercolor & ink 5 x 9

Today's sketch - the view out the front of the Island Inn on Monhegan Island. I don't eat there each time we visit, though the food is wonderful.  But, every summer, the elegant dining room displays a beautiful show of a local artist or artists' work and I make a point of visiting.   The work is always captivating, and worth the visit.  It must be, else how could you tear your eyes away from the inside/outside contrast going on along the entire west wall of the dining room?  I love the porch rockers with visitors reading, thinking, resting, being... above the active harbor.  Maybe that's why I don't eat there very often, as with the empty chairs in this sketch, I can't bear to be inside that long away from Monhegan's light and air... 

Again, thanks for looking, and I love your comments.

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