Wednesday, April 01, 2015

"High Game" oil 12 x 24 work in progress

The Girls Just Wanna Paint theme for March is "favorite things".  Difficult topic to pin down, so many choices, inside, outside, family, places, etc.  Eventually, I decided on my studio, which is a place I love.  It's a small room in our home, but has its own entrance, and great afternoon light.  We live in an old home, lots of windows, few closets.  I have learned over the years to add nooks, crannies, shelves into many unused small spaces in our home, same for the studio.  My studio is packed with many of my favorite things, including these props up on a high shelf.  The painting isn't complete, but I like the design.  Left to right... my Charles Reid painting flowers book, a small ceramic planter with a cherub pulling a cart (no need to ask why, it's so tchotchke and so lovely), one of a vintage pair of mache reading babies as bookends (see comment above), a great green vase, small red chair, Chinese replica mud figure, Dad's FBI bowling trophy from the 1950s, big blue vase, two small ceramic angels, and an ironstone cream pitcher... I have some work yet to do... but these are some of my favorite things.  

See the rest of the Girl's work here, and as always, thanks for looking.

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  1. Don't ask me why but that red chair pulls me right in! Love that you softened the details as you have too. Your dad was in the FBI? Now that is cool. And it struck me as kind of funny that they had a bowling team!