Saturday, April 04, 2015

"Breakfast on Boylston" watercolor and ink 9 x 10

I added some color to "Breakfast on Boylston", from my memory of the day sitting in the coffee shop window.  I make make another adjustment or two.  Spring is beginning to emerge from this long, gray, snowy winter.  We were in the city the other night with friends for dinner, and the air is perfect, that New England air, where light jacket will do.  Gone is the hunched and bent posture of the of winter, looking at the ground for safe footing, clutching hat to head and hand to neck against the piercing wind.  We are beginning to look up, as the woman on the left above... her pace is slower, smiling in conversation.   Looking forward to more city days...

Thanks for looking. 


  1. How beautiful!! I love the old time street lights, trees juxtaposed with city trappings...people with a lift in their step...

    1. Thanks, Crimson. I'm enjoying the activity and the fresh air!