Sunday, July 30, 2017

"Three Chimneys" watercolor & ink 12 x 9

We arrived on Monhegan Island yesterday. Weather is sparkling! I began a painting this morning then put it aside for the next time the light is where I want it. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next day.... one of the lovely things about vacation. Then I embarked with sketchbook and small watercolor set. Turns out I had no water dish, so used the cap of my water bottle as a tiny reservoir, and kept emptying it as needed, which, as you can imagine, was frequently.  A man paused while I was painting and told me I had done a nice rendering of those 3 chimneys. He asked if I knew the name of the house. (Each of the houses here has a name... Treetops, Field, Wildhaven, Inkspot, The Bog, Ice Pond House, etc). I did not know the name of the three chimney house but guessed, "Three Chimneys?"  Good guess as it turns out. Here is my watercolor sketch of the aptly named Three Chimneys.  As always, thank you for looking. 

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