Saturday, July 15, 2017

"Garden Doorway" 10 x 10 oil

This lovely antique home has a beautiful and inviting patio leading you into the studio.  I was intrigued by the window on the far side of the studio.  I often say that I love to paint the idea of "through".  This alluring path into the studio brings the viewer in, and then through. I first laid in the approximate color and value of the inside room, then worked through the flowers and the layering of the flowers and carved out the wall behind them.  The day began overcast, but then the sun peeked through.  I quickly made an indication where the shadow line was on the wall, and modified the painting to include the sun.  The house was on a garden tour so there were a lot of visitors talking about plants and mulch or no mulch and the beautiful  beds surrounding this house. 
Thank you for looking. 

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