Sunday, April 30, 2017

"Inside Out" 8 x 10 oil

The Girls Just Wanna Paint group challenge this month was "imagination".   Interesting idea.  First I thought of Gene Wilder in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" singing "There is no world I know to compare with pure imagination.  Living there you'll be free if you truly wish to be."  Then I imagined living in Boston.  I am entranced by the antique rooftops against the sky of Boston, so here is my imaginary living room with comfy reading chair and big view of the rooftops I love.  
I tried to keep everything in the painting darker and warmer than outside. I will get back into the painting when it is dryer to push the values some more from the inside to the outside.  I like the design and it does pique my imagination.  Thanks for looking.  You can see all our images here.  
As always, thank you for looking.  I love your comments.


  1. I like these impressions of a room etc. it`s very good.

    1. Thanks, Susi. I imagined this room and painted it. I appreciate your thoughts.