Saturday, April 01, 2017

"From Nigh Duck" pen & ink 6 x 9

Revisiting my sketchbook recently and came across this little sliver of summer.  We are again making plans for our trip to Monhegan Island.  March often seems like the longest month in the school year.  This year it has been cold and gray and raw, and heck with March coming in like a lion and heading out like a lamb. It is snowing tonight here in Massachusetts.  When spring arrives, it will explode on the scene, getting us even closer to some summer time on our beloved island.  When I look at this drawing, I can smell and feel the air.  Yum. 


  1. Somehow I find myself just wanting to wash in color! It is a glorious sketch, Jody!

  2. Thanks, Autumn. I may add some color in the future. Revisiting the sketch brings all the color, sounds and smells back to me as if I'm sitting there on my flat rock.