Thursday, February 12, 2015

"December Glow" Lincoln Building oil 6 x 8

December Glow  oil  8 x 6

   December seems long ago, though only a month and a half in the rear view mirror.  December was quiet, and dry, and lovely, and the theme for my painting group was "Magical".  I spent time walking local streets in the evening, especially downtown Hingham.  It was "Magical", festive holiday windows, and lights, and warm glow from outside on the street.
"December Glow" is my painting from then, forgot to post it on my own blog at the time.  
Sadly, the roof of this beautiful 1859 historic building caved in a few days ago due to the record breaking snowfall in the last few weeks.  No one was injured, but the building is being demolished, understandably.  

It was full of life, and full of magic.  Sad to see it go.   

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  1. You so beautifully captured the warmth of the building's exterior at night while lit from within. It is sad indeed to see these old architectural buildings fall apart and need to be torn down.