Tuesday, February 10, 2015

"Back Cove" watercolor & ink 10 x 8

Back Cove in progress
Back Cove watercolor in progress and finished.  I am enjoying revisiting these images of summer especially as as we have spent part of each day during the last few weeks moving snow from the driveway, away from the mailbox, off the roof, from the porch, off the car.  The drifts are so tall, we have been carrying the snow across the street to the front yard of the church.   Not sure how long it will continue; though it's been nice to hear from friends in other parts of the country since we continue to make the national news.  
Back Cove - complete
We were up in South Bristol, ME years ago with deep snow, and ice fishing as the big sport on Damariscotta Lake.  Our dear friend, Natalie, described ice fishing as: "snowmobiles, coffee brandy, and a way to get out of the house."  There's an ice house museum up there, which we visited during an open house.  They were cutting the ice, hoisting it into the ice house with a series of pulleys activated by horses, and packing it in with saw dust.  We were skating on the other side of the pond while all this activity was ongoing.   
 So, thanks for looking as I imagine summer, yet live in a record-breaking winter.  

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  1. This is just beautiful, Jody. There is such an old timey look to this piece...as if it were in a children's book from way back when. I just love it!