Saturday, February 07, 2015

"Back Cove" pen & ink 10 x 8

My family has a long history in the Pemaquid region of Maine.  We have never owned property there, nor has anyone lived there for any length of time, but my grandparents, parents, I and my family have visited there extensively.  It began when my grandparents, from New Rochelle, NY would "toss my Mom in the car" when she was in high school and a couple of summers during college, and drive up to Maine.  Mom never knew where they were staying, her head was buried in books in the back seat, but she remembered it well.  Fast forward forty years.  Mom's children were grown, and she rented a cottage in Maine for a couple of weeks, sight unseen, from a local friend here south of Boston.  When Mom arrived, she quickly figured out that the summer house her parents had rented so long before was just a few houses farther along the peninsula.  Serendipity?!  Artist friends and I have rented a house in the same area, called Back Cove a number of times... I feel drawn to this place, and feel my family's generations traversing the same paths.  More in later posts...  

As always, thank you for looking.

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  1. This is going to be stunning, Jody. Goes to show what happens when your heart is in a painting.