Sunday, May 05, 2013

"White House" 6 x 6 oil

The theme for Girls Just Wanna Paint  in April was "white".  I debated setting up a white still life, painting boats, clouds, laundry....  or something or one named "White".  Each Tuesday I take my teen daughter to an evening college class, and spend my time in the nearby library grading my math students' tests and quizzes or lesson planning for the 3 hours.  This past week, I decided to paint.  As we drove to the college-class destination, I had her look up "white" in the vicinity of the college.  She found White Road, White Street, Grumpy White's Bar.. intriguing. I the end, I decided to do a little exploring after I dropped her off.  I found lovely neighborhoods I had never seen, and decided to plant myself next to an interesting intersection where this lovely bungalow sat across the street, caught in the late afternoon sun.  I painted from my car, amid the hubbub of the neighborhood, children on bikes, commuters walking home, joggers, walkers, mailboxes being opened, pizza delivery men coming and going... and I listened to NPR while I painted.  Great way to spend some time.  I love evenings in the spring.  Thanks for looking.

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