Monday, May 06, 2013

Mom, Maine and me - Pemaquid's rocks

Mom on Kresge Rocks 1995
 My Mom was a prolific, talented artist with a work ethic beyond compare. She was well-educated, graceful, funny, beautiful, industrious, retained information like no one  I have ever met.  Mom's passion for learning was evident her whole life.  She was wise.  Mom was my hero.   She passed away on an evening with a glorious sunset, (much like today's promises to be.)  

Mom and I both painted along Maine's coast, specifically on Pemaquid point at Kresge Rocks... decades apart.  I joined Mom in Maine for a late summer week every year, but I was a vacationing software engineer.  Life was busy, and I hadn't discovered the artist inside.  We'd read, and talk, and antique, and cook, and talk some more.  I would sit by her and read while she painted.  I cherish those memories.  When I did begin to paint, I assumed Mom and I would have years and years together to enjoy these magical places.  I was naive.  So... Mom and I have painted in the same places, but not together.  Her spirit surrounds me when I sit on the Maine rocks hearing the gulls, the waves and feeling the salt air.  Below are some watercolor sketches from Mom's sketch book.  She is standing on the same rocks above. And below is my painting from the same place a couple of years ago.  I love that she and I saw the same contours, the same rocks, the same striations.   I miss her every day but I feel connected across the years.

 Thanks for looking.
From Mom's sketch book - Kresge Rocks

Sun Kissed by Jody Regan - Kresge Rocks 2011


  1. Your mother, Joanne Regan was a spectacular artist whom I admired very much. Her beautiful pastel work had a unique diagonal stroke that made her work instantly recognizable. I can only imagine how much you miss her, Jody.
    Thanks for sharing this story.

  2. I love that you're both talented painters yet your styles are uniquely different. What a wonderful connection you had/have with your Mom.

  3. Break my heart. I do feel you connecting to your Mom when we're in Maine. I feel her spirit, too. She would be so proud of you, excellent mother, wife, teacher, artist, friend - in no particular order!

  4. Jody I did not know your Mom but only wish that I could have that kind of connection with my daughters!

  5. This touched me very much. Thank you for the gentle reminder that life is fragile.

  6. That is a beautiful story...and what a nice connection you have to your Mom.