Sunday, April 14, 2013

"Setting Out" oil 6 x 6

My latest in a series of working boat paintings. Sun, salt, sea.  I love the lines, angles, and power of these purposeful workhorses. Each of these boats is a minute dot on the ocean surface, and lobstering is a physical and dangerous occupation.  I have been closely cropping the boats to convey their mass, their strength, their volume.   These boats are beautiful. 

Spring is finally arriving here on the east coast and I am heading back to the water to paint.

As always, thanks for looking.


  1. I also love these boats. I often mention on my blog how I travel to Maine to paint lobster boats and little harbors, when 2 miles down the street from my home is a working harbor with a fleet of boats. However, ya gotta go to MAINE!

  2. Jody,

    Your mom is proudly smiling at you.