Thursday, August 04, 2016

Monhegan Sketchbook - August 4, 2016 "Views from the Deck"

Another glorious week up here on Monhegan Island; highlights include seeing the Aurora Borealis two nights in a row above the tree line looking north; a wonderful breeze every day so although it's warm in the sun, there is respite in the shade everywhere; a week with great friends filled with good conversation, good food, new card games, and the usual sensory joy.  Here are some sketches of the various views from the deck of the house where we stay.  Yesterday, I sketched to the sounds of trumpet practice filtering up from the village below.  

This has been a week of mixed feelings; relaxation, joy, wonder, and thankfulness contrasted with news that local friends of ours are facing a mighty struggle.  Concentrate your energies and prayers on a positive outcome for them during this time of transition, and excuse my intentional and necessary vagueness.  
Thank you for looking.  Thank you for your thoughts for our friends.

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