Sunday, August 21, 2016

Collage - Make it Personal 10 x 10

 My very talented friend, Laura, took the plunge and opened her own shop a few months ago.  It is my "go to" destination for gifts, and recently a group of us joined Laura for a "make and take".  She runs two-hour classes in her shop studio.  We learned, laughed, exercised our creative selves, and came away with beautiful, personal collages. Laura has tons of material, and I brought a few things of my own to add. Must say, I almost swooned when I found ruler masking tape in her bins of supplies.  Here's her web site, Haven: Little Shop of Laura's.  You can schedule time in Laura's studio with a group up to 5, or she'll come to you for a larger gathering. She offers several different projects.  Trying to decide which one to do next....  


  1. Oh Jody! Such a lovely and colorful collage! I also really liked the sketch page below with the trees...makes me swoon!

    1. Thanks, Crimson. We really had a great time, and everyone's results were fascinating and meaningful to them.