Thursday, July 17, 2014

Monhegan Chickens and a nod to "The Music Man"

Monhegan has chickens, in a lovely yard and garden along the road through the village.  They are usually picking and pecking their way around the yard and occasionally onto the road.  I like watching them, their movement simultaneously graceful and jerky.  

Of course, they remind me of my favorite musical "The Music Man", which we watched on TV, (I guess; pre-VCR), and listened to on my parents' soundtrack album.  Robert Preston was a force of nature, his movements so graceful and powerful, and his creation of Harold Hill simultaneously charming, romantic, unctuous, clever, deceitful, sensitive.. a fixture in our childhood home.

In honor of the chickens, here is "Pick a Little, Talk a Little/Goodnight Ladies" with Robert Preston and Hermione Gingold. Doesn't get much better... "brazen overtures!"

Thanks for looking.



  1. the chicken is awesome and the song is hilarious. My parents were big fans of musicals which we grew up listening to. Love them still!