Friday, February 21, 2014

"Tabletop - Mason Hudson" watercolor & ink 3 x 9

Because we visit Monhegan Island for the same weeks each summer, we often see the same people who are visiting on a matching schedule.  We have made friends over this dozen years, friends we see on the Island, and sometimes off the Island.  We have watched our friends' children grow up.  They have watched our daughter grow up.  I love seeing the inside of different cottages that our friends rent.  This is the tabletop inside one of those cottages.  Books, wildflowers, hurricane lamps, sun streaming across the table, shelves holding dog-eared books, and well-used board games. And, a beautiful painting of the harbor, with Manana as its backdrop.

Thanks for looking. I'm enjoying this exploration of summer from the gray and more gray of this winter.


  1. I don't comment too much but I HAVE to Jody. Your work is positively exquisite almost always. This piece tears at my heart as do a lot of your pieces. I love Monhegan and have a LONG history there...Love all that you do. You are a gorgeous painter

  2. Monhegan is also a slice of life for me so I 'get' the paintings in that familiar way.
    Your sketchbook work is exquisite.