Sunday, May 20, 2012

"His and Hers" oil 9" x 6"

Porch Rocking Chairs
$125 and $10 S&H

My painting class met at a local home with lovely barn, gardens, antiques, and details.  It was a  feast for the eye.  Every place my eye stopped I found a vignette to paint.  A few of my students were new to painting outside so we worked on taking the infinite and narrowing it down to a manageable piece.  Outside is filled with texture, shifting light, undefined boundaries, and a myriad of colors.  It can be overwhelming. I showed them how to simplify the subject into a light and shadow pattern.  "His and Hers" is a demo where I began with two accurately drawn shapes - you can see them when you squint.  The light of the column, the porch and part of the rockers was one shape.  The other shape was the rest of the painting, and began as an averaged dark yellow/orange/green  into which I built the details of window, chairs, and wall.   I'm planning to return to this bucolic spot time and time again. It is a smorgasbord!


  1. Thanks for sharing your thought process. Great way to approach outdoor light. Wonderful soft values in this one.

  2. Beautiful light and color. Lovely painting.

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