Friday, April 20, 2012

"Quiet Cove" oil 12" x 9"

 $125 + $10 S&H  

 Painting destinations.  Where to go?  Lately I find myself traveling the nearby roads and byways as a quiet meditation in preparation for the next outing.  It's an interesting visual exercise, thinking about light, wind, surf, tide, access, all from the quiet of an armchair. 

When I began painting on site a number of years ago, I would head out to explore with a few uninterrupted hours ahead of me, looking for an alluring spot from which to paint.  As often as not, I'd spend the time driving, and exploring, and never settle anywhere.  Now, I have a mental catalog of places and subjects, coastal interstices, woods, glades, architecture, cityscapes, etc.  Each visual in my cranial catalog is filed with footnotes about parking, seasonal availability, class access vs. solo access, shelter, etc.  I try to make space for a few minutes in this visual meditation each day - quiet, intentional, brain-clearing. 

This week, I added a new destination when I went painting with my friend Nancy Sargent Howell.  We clambered the rocks, and settled into this surprisingly sheltered, glorious spot on the coast during mid-April in New England.  We were both prepared for penetrating wind, and happily found the layers unnecessary.  Lovely day, with lovely company.                                                


  1. Lovely painting, Jody. I love how you handled the rocks and water- such a complex subject but you simplified it so effectively.